Andres Fumagalli, RO

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  • 13 years in the Optical industry, having worked and help start my own optical. Getting married to the love of my life and my rock in November 2012 made me reassess the time freedom I desperately was seeking and after having established Stare Eyewear for the past 5 years I made one of the most difficult decisions in my life and sold my practice to young professionals eager to take it to the next level
  • I am the proud father of my beautiful and intelligent 11 year old daughter Mariah and newly blessed with the gift of my 6 month old son Matteus. My family is my drive and my motivation while people are my passion, helping and interacting with the patients in our office has been nothing short of inspiring and eye-opening
  • As a Licensed Optician I am a member of the Opticians of Ontario, as well, I have joined the Opticians Association of Canada
  • As a team we raised funds through a wonderful event at the office (our JF Rey and DILEM Spring event), which, with the help of our patients, we successfully donated to an incredible cause that I was grateful to learn an amazing amount about. Everything from the patients, to the parents, family and entire staff involved in helping to create the miracles that exist in the world of the NICU at Mount Sinai. It was an amazing experience that left me with an incredibly profound sense of gratitude for the miracles that exist and opportunity at life that is given to the many premature infants that see the interior of this department
  • I love to listen and anything I can learn or share with our patients fulfills my day. I personally, am an avid traveler and adventure seeker. I have gained a new found excitement for Scuba diving and surfing but continue to enjoy playing soccer, remaining active and spending as much time as possible with my growing family