Dr. Fabian Tai

Who I Am


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  • Graduated from the internationally recognized University of Waterloo, School of Optometry
  • Has strong clinical training in optics and contact lenses
  • Enjoy using different products from various manufacturers to give the best vision care one can achieve with corrective eye wear
  • Trained in a disease based eye clinic in Florida to obtain full therapeutic certification to treat and manage eye diseases in Canada and the United States
  • Value our eye health and strive for optimum health
  • Completed hundreds of hours in courses and certification with the Optometric Extension Program and currently pursuing a fellowship with the College of Optometrists in Vision Development

I would like to thank my family, staff and patients, who have allowed me to practice the highest level of optometry. I have dedicated my life to a profession that helps patients see the beauty that life has to offer. From preventing, diagnosing and treating eye conditions that could take away one’s vision from their everyday lives, to making one’s vision better with eye glasses, contact lenses and vision therapy; I come to work energize and passionate to help patients.

I have an integrated medical approach to my eye care. I use the latest medical technologies to help assess the condition of the eye in combination with my knowledge and experience to make the best recommendations for the patient. I love to learn and I continually exceed the number of continuing education hours needed for optometrists to maintain the standards of practice. The visual process is very complicated and with each patient I see, I understand more and more the visual system and how it affects our lives.

Vision is pervasive in all our actions in life. This is something we could easily take for granted in our lives. I am blessed to be able to help patients “see” better with their vision to live life to the fullest.