Dr. Teddy Chung

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  • Graduate (cum laude) of Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago since 2000
  • Recognized for his academic achievement and extracurricular involvement by being admitted to the Tomb & Key Society, Beta Sigma Kappa Honours Society and Gold Key Society
  • Awarded the Anonymous Alumni Scholarship for academic achievement and extracurricular involvement
  • Has extensive experience with all types of patients
  • Completed an internship at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Hospital in Montrose, New York, where he worked with war veterans and gained insight into the important issues seniors face

Having worn glasses from the age of six years, Dr. Chung understands first-hand the issues children with glasses may encounter and the concerns their parents may have. He is also very familiar with the concerns that adults with active lifestyles may have with corrective eyewear. He has tried various contact lenses over the years and eventually opted to undergo corrective eye surgery. He is happy to share with his patients his personal and professional views on the wide variety of options available to attain clear and comfortable vision. In his spare time, Dr. Chung loves spending time with his young family. You often find him at local Oakville parks, chasing the kids around, giving them “underdogs” on the swings or teaching them to skip rocks on the water. He loves to play Badminton, but not as much as he loves to read up on cars and dream about the convertible he will own one day.