Dr. Archie Chung

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  • Doctor of Optometry since 1983, University of Waterloo
  • Advisory board member for various companies including Signet Armorlite, Bausch & Lomb, TLC Laser Centres, Pfizer, RheoVision, and Alcon
  • Specializing in Orthokeratology and specialty contact lenses and sports vision
  • Conducted numerous contact lens research studies for various companies including Ciba Vision, Johnson & Johnson, Cooper Vision
  • Principle Optometrist for Gift of Sight mission in Morocco in 1999

Dr. Archie Chung’s interest in Optometry was initiated when he got his first pair of glasses in Grade 3! The experience of his new found “vision” at this young age fueled his desire to help others see. After almost 30 years of practice, Dr. Chung is still passionate about helping his patients. Our clinics are equipped with the latest technology to provide the most up to date vision care, tailored to individual needs of patients, from specialty eye wear, contact lenses, refractive surgery and medical care.