The Power of Visual Therapy

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November 26, 2016
One of our eyeTrust Network Optometrists, Dr. Vi Tu Banh, shared with us an incredible story from one of his patient’s mother that posted it on Facebook.

“It’s not everyday that someone profoundly changes someone’s life. I want to thank our optometrist from Uxbridge, Dr. Vi Tu Banh, for finally solving what was happening to my son, Billy. For all of you that don’t know, Billy was suffering from seizure like blindness episodes that were leaving him terrified and all the doctors mystified as to what was happening.

We have been to Sick Kids and saw specialists trying to figure out what was causing the blindness. Luckily for us Dr. Banh had just done a course on concussions and their effects on vision so when we came back to him looking for help, he knew exactly what was wrong and was able to diagnose Billy accurately. It turns out Billy had suffered damage from his fall when he was 3 that caused him not to see straight.

Things that were straight ahead of him he saw as being off to the left. This caused his brain to constantly try to correct his eyes and this all lead to overloading his brain which caused his blindness episodes. Since getting his diagnosis and new glasses, he had one episode of black eyes! Before he had been having them at least once a day. Billy’s penmanship and homework is now legible. He is reading amazingly and he can hit a baseball. He is a much happier little man!

I want to thank you Dr. Banh from the bottom of my heart for helping Billy. I can’t tell you enough how much this means to our family to finally be able to help Billy and to know what is happening instead of just hoping he would grow out of it eventually.”

All eyeTrust Network eye care professionals focus on providing excellence in vision care. Understanding your needs and offering trusted, personable and reliable solutions is what creates remarkable patient experiences. Thank you Dr. Banh for helping Billy. Together, we can make a difference.

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